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During June 1951, a group of Malayalees, namely Mr. T.R Ayyappan,   Mr. Krishnan Parappally, Mr. K.J.George, Mr.P.N.Seshan, Mr. K.S. Menon, Mr. S.S Shankar, etc decided to form an association  for the welfare of Malayalees residing and coming to Mumbai in search of jobs and named  it as Goregaon Malayalee Samaj.  They also constituted a  Bye- Law for the proper guidance and functioniong  and started functioning during December 1951. During 1956, Samaj was registered as a Public Trust under Charitable Instrument Act and continued its services.

Mumbai is a cosmopolitan city where people from different states, speaking different languages,  having different customs and traditions  staying together.  Committed to  public service in the Social, Cultural and Educational fields, this Charitable Organisation bears a hall mark of Charity and service in the respective fields. Its services are widely spread to  every one irrespective of Region, Religion, Caste, Creed or any of the organization in the social, cultural and educational fields. We are happy to inform that our services are accepted  by all sorts of people and have become our members. We are sure that many more will join us and  with everyone’s support, we will be able to do many more things in the filed of Charity.

The Samaj has succeeded in running a Typewriting  Institute, a Bharat Natyam Class, an Instrumental Music  Class,  Tailoring,  Mehandi and   Draft  Classes.

In the Social fields Samaj has always been in forefront in rendering services of any sort and it does rise to the call of the occasion without any  considerations what soever.

A library, with its record collection of books in Malayalam and English languages is yet another invaluable asset of the samaj.

Sports and games do form  part of the agenda of activities of the Samaj.

Samaj also conducts Medical camps and free medical check ups periodically

Samaj offers Scholarships to students of Vivek Vidyalaya as well as Junior Colleges in and around Goregaon who take up higher studies on considerations of merit.

An attempt was made to start Malayalam classes for the benefit of those who are not conversant with the language. However proper response was not received from our members and other sections of the society.

Samaj has bought a Plot of Land ( Plot No 173, C.T.S No. 1054) at Bangur Nagar, Goregaon  West, Mumbai for constructing a School Building. We have now received permission from  Maharashtra Coastal Zone Management Authority vide their meeting held on 15th May 2012, taken as item no 20 in their agenda, for constructing a School Building at  our Plot  No 173, bearing CTS No 1054 at Bangur Nagar. We need your support and co-operation in making this project a reality with in the shortest period possible.  We would request our well wishers to send your donations to our Bank directly or by crossed cheque to the Samaj office directly by courier. Please note that all the donations made to Samaj are exempted from Income Tax under  section 80 G.


  • Preserve  and  maintain  the  rich  Cultural  Heritage  of  Kerala.
  • Contribute   in the  field  of  Education, Culture, Health , Social  service  and  Charity.


  • To  set up School /  Institutes  for  formal  and  nonformal  Education
  • Institute  Vocational  Courses  in  Typewriting( English, Hindi & Marathi), Fine  Arts ( Bharat Natyam, Instrumental and  Vocal  Music) , Tailoring , Mehandi  and  Draft.
  • Fostering  good  relation  among  Keralites  as  well  as other Communities  in  the  Region  through  mutual Friendship  and  Cultural  Heritage.
  • Helping  the  Keralites  in  building  up their  future  witrh  Dignity, Justice  and  Peace.

  • Goregaon Malayalee Samaj was formed in December 1951.
  • First Onam celebration of the samaj was held  in August 1952.
  • Samaj celebrated its first Annual Celebration and published “ Malarkula” under the editorship of famous Malayalam Poet. Sri. Krishnan Parappally in January 1953.
  • Samaj was registered as a Publc Trust during 1956.
  • Started a Typewriting  and short hand Institute in 1958 and named it as “Vijay Institute  of Commerce”.
  • Late Mr. S.S.Shankar and many members of the Samaj concentrated to start a South Indian Education Centre during 1960 which is presently known as “Vivek Education Society”.
  • Vanitha vibhagam was formed under the Samaj  for the proper management and take care of  Kerala’s Arts and Culture  and conduct the programmes at frequent intervals.
  • Silver jubilee of the Samaj was celebrated during 1976 and Padmashri. K.J.Yesudas performed a  musical programme as part of the celebration.
  • During June 1979, Samaj started Bharat Natyam Dance class under the guidance of Guru Kalamandalam Krishnan Kutty Warrior and named it as 'Vijay School Of Fine Arts’. Presently this institution is affiliated to Nalanda dance and Research Centre and the certificates issued by  Nalanda are accepted for College admissions.
  • As the first mile stone of starting a  School for the mass especially for the poor sections of the society, Samaj started “ Vijay Vidya Mandir “and started K.G. classes during June 1986. ( Due to lack of space , play ground etc as per Government norms, samaj was forced to close it temporarily)
  • During 1986, certain people tried to occupy our  Typewriting Institute and Samaj filed and argued the case in Supreme Court. Senior Supreme Court  Advocate and our Patron member  Adv. K.K.Venugopal and Our Member Advocate K.K.V Kurup appeared  before the Court as free service . Supreme Court ordered the Judgement in Samaj’s favour during  January 1992. 
  • With the idea of utilizing leisure time to make small income for ladies and house wives, Samaj started Tailoring and Mehandi classes under the guidance of Smt. Saroj Totla during January 1994,
  • In the wake of ever increasing demand for the computer trained personals in the employment market, an attempt was made to provide training in computer operations in an affordable way during the year 1995 under the name” Vijay computer Classes”,  However due to poor response from the public, we were forced to close down its operation  after few years.
  • Golden Jubilee of the Samaj was celebrated during December 2001 with  4 day’s  grand functions incorporating  Arts, Culture and Sports. All Mumbai  Volley ball tournament was also conducted as part of the celebration.
  • Samaj bought a Plot of Land ( Plot No 173, C.T.S No. 1054) at Bangur Nagar, Goregaon  West, Mumbai for constructing a School Building and completed its Registration etc during March 2002. 
  • Samaj started  a class to teach traditional Kerala drum ( Chenda)  during the year 2011,
  • Samaj celebrated its Diamond Jubilee during 26th and 27th November 2011 . Famous Malayalam play back singer Biju  Narayanan, Akhila, Idea Star Singer Runner up Sreenath, Rekha, Kalabhavan Prajod ete conducted a musical and Comedy show as part of the celebration.  Famous Malayalam  actor and Comedy Mugal Jagathy SreeKumar was the attraction of the show.  Samaj also felicitated many personalities from all the fields. Samaj was indeed happy to introduce St. Gregorious Cancer Care Centre coming  up in Parumala, Pathanmthitta district of Kerala to the people of Mumbai  as part of the celebrations.

Future Plans
  • Our main and foremost agenda is the Construction of the School building at our Plot at Bangur Nagar.. Even though the land under reference falls under Commercial Zone, the Authorities approved our earlier plan submitted to them for the construction of a School Building as per the approved Development plan of 1967, as the above land is with in the Residential Zone. Click here to view the image of our proposed school building.
  • All efforts were made to start coaching class in Malayalam at Samaj premises./  However we were forced to discontinue this due to lack of response. Subsequently we tried to educate our members the importance of teaching our mother tongue Malayalam to the younger generation. This word of mouth has generated the desired interest and there are enquiries pouring in. We intend to start Malayalam basic class at Samaj premises shortly.
  • Strengthen  the  activities  in  Education, Charity, Sports, social  and  Cultural  fields.
  • Start Yoga Classes in the premises of the Samaj's Office.
  • We are about to re-start a Marriage Bureau at Samaj premises to help our members find a suitable Bride and Bridegrooms for their near and dear ones.
  • The Samaj is also planning to start devotional discourses at its premises at various intervals.
  • The Samaj intends to provide free legal advices to the needy and weaker sections of the society.
  • To conduct free Medical tests and Camps on a regular basis.

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